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New Year – New me

23 January 2010 One Comment

FireworksApologies for any wierdness in your feed readers. The following is the reason why as I try to get things working properly again.

The past two years on this blog I wrote made some New Year’s resolutions and last year I assessed my performance against the previous year’s aims. This year I will admit to simply being a bit depressed about how much I achieved in real terms and how effective I’ve been at getting ideas out and projects off the ground. This year I want to do more in terms of walking the walk, creating examples, or at least lashups of the things I think are important.

One thing that has been going around in my head for at least 12 months is the question of identity. How I control what I present, who I depend on, and in the world of a semantic web where I am represented by a URL what should actually be there when someone goes to that address. So the positive thing I did over the holiday break, rather than write a new set of resolutions was to start setting up my own presence on the web, to think about what I might want to put there and what it might look like.

This process is not as far along as I would like but its far enough along that this will be the last post at this address. OpenWetWare has been an amazing resource for me over the past several years and we will continue to use the wiki for laboratory information and I hope to work with the team in whatever way I can as the next generation of tools develops. OpenWetWare was also a safe place where I could learn about blogging without worrying about the mechanics, confident in the knowledge that Bill Flanagan was covering the backstops. Bill is the person who has kept things running through the various technical ups and down and I’d particularly like to thank him for all his help.

However I have now learnt enough to be dangerous and want to try some more things out on my own. More than can be conveniently managed on a website that someone else has to look after. I will write a bit more about the idea and choices I’ve made in setting up the site soon but for the moment I just want to point you to the new site and offer you some choices about subscribing to different feeds.

If you are on the feedburner feed for the blog you should be automatically transferred over to the feed on the new site. If you’re reading in a feed reader you can check this by just clicking through to the item on my site. If you end up at a url starting http://cameronneylon.net/ then you are in the right place. If not, just change your reader to point at http://feeds.feedburner.com/ScienceInTheOpen.

This feed will include posts on things like papers and presentations as well as blog posts so if you are already getting that content in another stream and prefer to just get the blog posts via RSS you should point your reader at http://feeds.feedburner.com/ScienceInTheOpen_blog.  I can’t test this until I actually post something so just hold tight if it doesn’t work and I will try to get it working as soon as I can. The comments feed for all seven of you subscribed to it should keep working. All the posts are mirrored on the new site and will continue to be available at OpenWetWare

Once again I’d like to thank all the people at OpenWetWare that got me going in the blogging game and hope to see you over at the new site as I figure out what it means to present yourself as a scientist on the web.

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