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Spam policy

While generally happy to allow any relevant comments on this Blog I will not accept comments that I deem to be spam. We are using Bad Behaviour to block spam using the ‘strict’ setting. I also have a blacklist that includes a wide range of car manufacturers and sexual terms that often appear in comment spam. I also do not accept trackbacks or pingbacks to Blogs that re-publish my posts verbatim for the purpose of getting advertising click throughs; especially if they get my name wrong. You are of course able to re-publish any post in whatever form under the terms of the Creative Commons by attribution share alike license that applies to the OpenWetWare site in general.

If you are a real commenter with something to say and think your comment may have been spammed in error then get in contact by another route and I will make sure your comment goes up. Feel free to be robust in criticism but equally try to be polite about it. I reserve the right to arbitrarily change my mind about any of these policies without notice because I’m like that.