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[5 Nov 2009 | 11 Comments | ]

Some months ago now I gave a talk at very exciting symposium organized by Greg Wilson as a closer for the Software Carpentry course he was running at Toronto University. It was exciting because of the lineup but also because it represented a real coming together of views on how developments in computer science and infrastructure as well as new social capabilities brought about by computer networks are changing scientific research.I talked, as I have several times recently, about the idea of a web-native laboratory record, thinking about what the paper notebook would look like if …

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[13 Aug 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

Interesting conversation yesterday on Twitter with Evgeniy Meyke of EarthCape prompted in part by my last post. We started talking about what a Friendfeed replacement might look like and how it might integrate more directly into scientific data. Is it possible to build something general or will it always need to be domain specific. Might this in fact be an advantage? Evgeniy asked:
@CameronNeylon do you think that “something new” could be more vertically oriented rather then for “research community” in general?
His thinking being, as I understand it that to get …

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[8 Jun 2009 | 24 Comments | ]

In the previous post  I discussed a workflow using Wave to author and publish a paper. In this post I want to look at the possibility of using it as a laboratory record, or more specifically as a human interface to the laboratory record. There has been much work in recent years on research portals and Virtual Research Environments. While this work will remain useful in defining use patterns and interface design my feeling is that Wave will become the environment of choice, a framework for a virtual research environment …

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[30 May 2009 | 17 Comments | ]

Yes, I’m afraid it’s yet another over the top response to yesterday’s big announcement of Google Wave, the latest paradigm shifting gob-smackingly brilliant piece of technology (or PR depending on your viewpoint) out of Google. My interest, however is pretty specific, how can we leverage it to help us capture, communicate, and publish research? And my opinion is that this is absolutely game changing – it makes a whole series of problems simply go away, and potentially provides a route to solving many of the problems that I was struggling …

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[8 Feb 2009 | 8 Comments | ]

There is an interesting meta-discussion going on in a variety of places at the moment which touch very strongly on my post and talk (slides, screencast) from last week about “web native” lab notebooks. Over at Depth First, Rich Apodaca has a post with the following little gem of a soundbite:
Could it be that both Open Access and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks are examples of telephone-like capabilities being used to make a better telegraph?
Web-Centric Science offers a set of features orthoginal to those of paper-centric science. Creating the new system in …

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[27 Jan 2009 | 5 Comments | ]

At Science Online 09 and at the Smi Electronic Laboratory Notebook meeting in London later in January I talked about how laboratory notebooks might evolve. At Science Online 09 the session was about Open Notebook Science and here I wanted to take the idea of what a “web native” lab record could look like and show that if you go down this road you will get the most out if you are open. At the ELN meeting which was aimed mainly at traditional database backed ELN systems for industry I wanted to show the potential of …

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[9 Dec 2008 | 12 Comments | ]

We are in the slow process of gearing up within my group at RAL to adopting the Chemtools LaBLog system and in the process moving properly to an Open Notebook status. This has taken much longer than I had hoped but there have been some interesting lessons along the way. Here I want to think a bit about a problem that has been troubling me for a while.
I haven’t done a very good job of recording what I’ve been doing in the times that I have been in a lab …

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[18 Sep 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

Something that has been bothering me for quite some time fell into place for me in the last few weeks. I had always been slightly confused by my reaction to the fact that on UsefulChem Jean-Claude actively works to improve and polish the description of the experiments on the wiki. Indeed this is one of the reasons he uses a wiki as the process of making modifications to posts on blogs is generally less convenient and in most cases there isn’t a robust record of the different versions. I have …

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[8 Sep 2008 | 8 Comments | ]

…is knowing what you mean…
I posted last week about the spontaneous CMLReact hackfest held around Peter Murray-Rust’s dining room table the day after Science Blogging in London. There were a number of interesting things that came out of the exercise for me. The first was that it would be relatively easy to design a moderately strict, but pretty standard, description format for a synthetic chemistry lab notebook that could be automatically scraped into CMLReact.
Automatic conversions from lab book to machine readable XML
CMLReact files have (roughly) three sections. In …

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[10 Apr 2008 | 12 Comments | ]

Image via Wikipedia
Just a very brief note, which really follows on from the vigorous discussion in Jennifer Rohn’s blog at Nature Networks this week, to say that the guys at OpenWetWare appear to have gone live with some of the new functionality for laboratory notebooks on the wiki. Check it out from the OWW main page. I will have a closer look and make some comments as and when I have a bit of time but it looks like a good start.