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Follow on to network proposal

22 November 2007 2 Comments

Ok. In this morning’s post I proposed the idea of applying for some UK money to support meetings in the general area of open science. I’ve made a start with an outline on a GoogleDoc which can be viewed here. I have tried to set out some general headings and areas to be fleshed out and added a little text. This is early days but if anyone wishes to add anything then please feel free. I have given editing rights to all those people who have comments on the original post (as of around 9:30 pm GMT on Thursday 22 November) so they should now have editing rights. I have set the document so that those people with invitations can cascade them to others (I hope). I will continue to issue invitations to anyone who comments on the original post. No need to feel obliged to add anything  – I’m not asking you to write the grant for me – but if you feel so inclined then the assistance will be very welcome.

What I will request is from those who are interested is a short letter stating your current post/position/ambitions, your interest in ‘Open Science’ and why you would like to be involved in this network. Either email to me at C [dot] Neylon [at] rl.ac.uk or simply drop it in as a comment.