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[20 Aug 2007 | One Comment | ]

In Part 1 and Part 2 I discussed the criteria we set for our system to be successful and the broad outlines of a strategy for organisation. In this part I will outline how we apply this strategy in practise. This will not deal with the technical implementation and software design for the Blog engine which will be discussed later. I will note however that we are not using a standard blog engine but one which has been custom built for handling lab-based blogging.

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[17 Aug 2007 | 8 Comments | ]

In Part 1 I outlined our aims in building an ELN system and the criteria we hope to satisfy. In this post I will discuss the outline of the system that has been developed.
The WebLog as an ELN system
A blog is a natural system on which to build an ELN. It provides free text entry, automatic date recording, the ability to include images and other files, and a system for publishing and collecting comments and advice. In this configuration a blog can function essentially as ‘electronic paper’ that can be …

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[16 Aug 2007 | 21 Comments | ]

This is the starting point for a description of the development work being done in the School of Chemistry at the University of Southampton on a blog-based electronic laboratory notebook for biochemistry/molecular biology. Ultimately the aim is for this document to form the first draft of a paper describing the system.