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Google Wave: Ripple or Tsunami?

30 December 2009 2 Comments
Big Wave Surfing in Tahiti at Teahupoo
Image by thelastminute via Flickr

A talk given at the Edinburgh University IT Futures meeting late in 2009. The talk discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Wave as a tool for research and provides some pointers on how to think about using it in an academic setting. The talk was recorded in a Wave with members of the audience taking notes around images of the slides which I had previously uploaded.

You will only be able to see the wave if you have a Wave preview account and are logged in. If you don’t have an account the slides are included below (or will be as soon as I can get slideshare to talk to me).

[wave id=”googlewave.com!w+-c2g1ggkA”]

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  • mgaldino said:

    I have gwave. but how I can see it in gwave?

  • Cameron Neylon said:

    If you're logged into wave you should see and have all the usual functionality in the panel above. Otherwise if you want to look at it inside the Wave client then just do a search on “with:public tag:#edstargaze” and you will find it.