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Variations in reproduction charges – the results are in!

3 October 2007 No Comment

I blogged the other day about the way charges for reproducing figures in review articles appear to have gone ballistic. At that stage I only had the cost for J Biol Chem which was a whopping $USD73 to reproduce a figure. I had three other images I was using and was expecting around $20 for them, based on the website that Science Direct points you at for permissions. Well I was wrong, they have now come back at $USD3 each. So J Biol Chem, $73, Structure and J Mol Biol $3. Question is, what am I paying for from J Biol Chem (apart from my own lack of organisation in getting similar but copyright free figures). The other question is why through one website is it $3 whereas the one at Science Direct said it would be $20. Especially seeing as they both seem to be run by the Copyright Clearance Center!

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