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Three minutes of audio – Hacking research reputation

26 October 2010 3 Comments

Richard Grant asked me to record a few minutes of audio talking about the ideas around the proposed Workshop on research metrics and reputation for The Scientist. He did a very nice job of writing some text around it so you should go and look at the piece over at Naturally Selected at least partly because I seem to be unable to get the audio to embed properly here…


  • rpg said:

    Thanks for the kind words Cameron.

    How are you trying to embed the audio? I can show you the code I used…

  • Cameron Neylon said:

    I’d already tried stripping the code that you used. I think it might be a
    cross site scripting issue blocking me from using your instance of the file
    so I just need to upload to my server.

  • rpg said:

    Hrm, that’s worrying. I’ll try to look into when I have a minute.Alternatively, what’s a good site for sticking audio files for embedding (like Vimeo, but for audio)?