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The research network proposal – update II

25 November 2007 5 Comments

Thanks to all those who have sent letters of support, paragraphs of text, and made comments or modifications to the proposal. Just a quick update on where we are. The text of the proposal is up at GoogleDocs. I believe I have given anyone who has commented on the original post access to edit but if not give me a yell or just send me any comments by email or pop them in as comments here.

There are a lot of other forms to be filled for the proposal which is difficult to do in the open but once it is done I will pdf the whole thing and put it up for people to see. The proposal has to be at the research council by 4pm GMT on Tuesday which means in practise I need to hit the submit button early on Tuesday morning. So if you want to comment or send a letter of support then please do so by close of play on Monday, your time, to ensure that I get it in time.

Thanks for all those who have helped and we will see how we got on!

Oh and if anyone can come up with a catchier title? We thought maybe ETHOS (e-science to help open science) but that seemed a little lame…