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Research network proposal – Update III

26 November 2007 6 Comments

The text of the proposal is now in a near complete form. I need to add references and a few others things but it is mostly in reasonable shape. If you would like to have your name included as a founder member of the network please drop me a comment on this post, email, or if I have given you editing rights then feel free to add yourself. If you do so please send or post some sort of document that I can take a version of and incorporate as a letter of support.

If you would like editing rights either comment on the original post or drop me an email. In principle all the other commentors should also be able to give you editing rights if I am unavailable (e.g. asleep). I will take a snapshot of the proposal text around 6am GMT tomorrow morning and will need to edit it and add some pictures offline before incorporating it into the whole proposal. The full proposal will be submitted tomorrow and I will put a complete PDF up as soon as I can get to it. If I can gain permission to do so I will also put up referees comments and any other correspondence in the fullness of time.

Thanks to everyone for their help.