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A great example of ‘fun’

16 August 2007 11 Comments

I wrote the other day about the idea of fun being a motivating factor to taking up open notebook science. Sometimes something is just cool and you want to share it. Then along comes a great example.

Via petermr’s blog:

At ‘Life of a Lab Rat‘:

This has got to be in the running for the coolest cloning experiment ever.

Last Tuesday a grad student in the reciprocal space cadet lab, let’s call him Fu Manchu, asked me if I had any GFP. ‘GFP’ expands to ‘green fluorescent protein’……[]

As petermr says this is just very cool. The molecular biology is fairly conventional. But that’s not the point. The point is that Black Knight did a fun experiment and felt it was worth sharing with the world. We might argue that there isn’t enough methodological detail to tell us exactly what was done here but that’s a minor quibble. The important thing is that it was fun and its out there!

Incidentally, I am writing this in the lab while waiting for PCR primers to melt so I can set up some PCR reactions (here if you want to look – though you may not be able to access this at the moment, still need to get this one to public access). I am beginning to think that one of the main issues of open notebook science for biochemistry/molecular biology may be the difficulty in using a track pad with nitrile gloves on!