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Disclaimers and full disclosure


I am currently employed half time at the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University and otherwise work as a freelance consultant and researcher. In this site I am writing as an individual. Nothing written here should be taken or construed as Curtin policy. I previously worked at PLOS and similarly nothing written here should be taken as policy of or indicative of the tenor or direction of any internal discussions within PLOS.

Any material on this website is either my own or included in good faith with appropriate permissions or under fair use or fair dealing as appropriate. All text and any mistakes are my own and not the responsibility of others. If you are the copyright holder for any material appearing on this domain without a licence or if you find any material here inappropriate please contact me as detailed here. Where I deem it appropriate I will make corrections and apologies on this site in addition to removing any material.

Full disclosure

All material on this website is included at my own discretion and there is no paid content or advertising. The hosting costs, which currently run at around £15 a month, are fully borne by myself and paid out of my own pocket. Any contributions I receive via the Flattr micro-charging service will go towards hosting. I never do link exchanges and will not do paid placements.

I write on commercial services from time to time but will not accept payment to do so. I am not currently a direct shareholder in any company and will explicitly disclose any shareholdings or specific payments received in future.

I do edit posts, generally within the first 24 hours of publishing them to correct typos or improve clarity. Where a substantive change is made I will generally indicate it as an editorial change. Where an important update has occurred I will generally add a note at the bottom of a post.

I have advised or had confidential discussions with a range of commercial and non-profit organizations including, in no particular order, Nature Publishing Group, Elsevier, Institute of Physics Publishing, Public Library of Science, Open Society Foundations, BioMedCentral, Faculty of 1000, Wellcome Trust and Mendeley.

I have accepted travel, subsistence, and accommodation support from a large number of organisations over the past five years. The majority of my travel costs are covered by meeting organizers with a proportion covered by my employer(s) and a significant proportion covered out of my own pocket. I have not generally been paid speaker fees (but would be happy for that to change).

I have accepted fees for consultancy, research projects or training from Elsevier, the DART Archeological Residues project, American Institutes of Research, University of Maryland and the IDRC funded Scholarly Communications in Africa Project, and payment to support the running of a workshop from Google. I am or have recently been involved in research projects funded by Open Society Foundations, BBSRC, the JISC, AHRC, IDRC, NSF, Sloan Foundation, and the British Heart Foundation.

I currently serve on the Advisory Boards of Altmetric.com, the Climate Code Foundation, IDRC funded Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network, and the Board of Directors of FORCE11, and have previously served on the Board of Directors for Crossref (as PLOS second representative) and ImpactStory, the Advisory Group of the AHRC funded DART Archeological Residues project, and on the Editorial Boards for Open Research Computation and PLOS ONE.

I am currently employed part time by Curtin University and otherwise work as a freelance consultant. I have in the past five years been employed full time by PLOS and by the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council and prior to that by the University’s of Southampton and Bath. I have not received any salary from any other organization in the past five years. I hold a UK-based Stakeholder Pension, UK Civil Service and University Superannuation Scheme pensions (and I ought to rationalise them somehow).

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